Simple Printer Fixes

Minor Printer Repair Problems?

If you own a laptop or computer then you are probably the happy owner of a printer as well. Thank goodness for these electronic devices but there are times when they can frustrate us beyond belief; especially our printers.


When it comes to the laser printer there are too many varieties to name. Despite, we can offer a few DIY solutions for some small laser printer repairs regardless of the make or model. Of course you will encounter some complications that may require professional repair. For instance, if you work with a high quality printer such as a Lexmark at work, then it is highly recommended that a Lexmark printer repair specialist be called to execute needed repairs.

Most Common Problems and Solutions

  • Oh no! It ate my Paper! – Otherwise known as a paper jam. You saw the paper feed into the printer but for some reason it never came out and then you began hearing this struggling sound from your printer. Having wrinkled, damp, or the wrong grade of paper are just some of the reasons your paper may get jammed. When you find yourself in this situation it is best to clean out the printer. Open it up and make sure you remove anything that could prevent the paper from feeding smoothly.
  • What is this? – If your printing is coming out fuzzy and unclear than the print quality is poor. We suggest printing on newly bought paper that has not been exposed to outside elements.
  • Fading Tone – Sometimes there can be inconsistency in the depth of black color printed on the page. The problem lies with the horizontal variable print density. In this case you want to remove the ink cartridge and shake it a little in order to redistribute the toner. Having your printer on an unleveled surface can also cause this problem. If this is the case then you will want to relocate the printer to a leveled surface.

These are just a few small problems with quick solutions that require little effort and can make using a printer less taxing for you.

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