How to Know When Your Printer Needs Serviced

Does Your Printer need serviced?

Printers are not always obvious with their mishaps, but there are often signs that let you know when your printer needs to be serviced. At Laser Tek Pittsburgh, we offer printer repair services, parts, supplies and more to help you maintain your printer’s functioning and quality. If your printer has been emitting some of the following issues, it probably needs to be serviced immediately.

-Will Printed Pages Return with Unintended Markings?

When a printer has an ink or toner issues, it usually includes excess ink and toner buildup or leaks. When printed pages are marked with unintentional sports of ink or toner, this means the printer needs serviced. Unintended markings on a page can represent anything from major problems to minor issues, such as an ink or toner leak that needs repaired or minor issues, or an ink and toner buildup within the printer that can simply be cleaned.


-Have You Noticed a Change in the Quality of your Prints?

Not only are strange markings annoying signs that your printer needs serviced, when the overall quality of your prints is not as good anymore this too means that your printer needs serviced. Often when printers need maintenance, what it prints comes out blurred, smeared or blotched. If your prints are returning with poorer quality than usual, the printer needs to be serviced.

-Do Strange Noises Emanate from the Printer?

All printers are going to make some type of mechanical noise, this is normal. But there are other noises that can emanate from a printer, which let you know it needs to be serviced. If the inner mechanisms of your printer sound as if amplified, grinding, dragging, et cetera, it needs servicing. Stop the printer’s use and contact a professional printer repair service provider, such as our expert staff at Laser Tek.

If you have been experiencing any of these or other printer issues, you are most likely in need of printer services. At Laser Tek, we provide quality laser printer repair services, parts and accessories to the entire Pittsburgh area. Contact us today for more information on printer mishaps, printer repair, and more!

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